Happy to be a partner


Krystine (Jordan) Monnett, Owner

Holistic Marketing LLC., was founded by me,  Krystine (Jordan) Monnett in 2014 when I started consulting for a local gym. From this opportunity, I decided that I wanted to help smaller companies to realize their marketing potential. While many marketing agencies exist, they rarely offer truly customized marketing solutions that fully grasp their client's business as a whole.

And if they do, they charge exponentially for it, making these services unreachable for many local business and start-ups. 

I pride myself on learning my client's business, forming a real relationship with them and offering them sound advice on how they can improve or establish their marketing efforts. This relationship allows me to become a true partner to the business that can advise in any area to ensure that ALL business efforts work together to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

I named my business Holistic Marketing because marketing should be holistic. It needs to consider all available resources and ensure that everything works together in an efficient and effective manner, not in silos.

Our Office —

Columbus, OH
(614) 636-2053